Customer Testimonials


"We reached out to SnackItToMe! because we were tired of eating unhealthy snacks in the office, and we are so glad that we did! With a wide variety of delicious and healthy snacks and impeccable customer service, SnackItToMe! is poised to change the corporate snacking game for the better. Not only are the snacks unique and tasty, but they are affordable as well. Snack delivery day is always a fun day at the office!"


“We love SnackItToMe! because of the great variety of healthy snacks we can provide to our employees. The service is outstanding! From the time we place our order, we receive our products within a day or two. They are always striving to provide new snack ideas. We would highly recommend them.”


“Our company started taking a more healthy approach to snack options in the last year but I had a hard time finding the variety I needed and the ability to purchase more than one option with one vendor. I researched healthy snack options here in Chicago and the SnackitToMe! site appeared. It has been the best decision that I have made working with SnackitToMe! They provide a different rotation of snacks for the office but our company likes to customize our options and we love that we have the ability to do so. The snacks taste great and we have a variety of flavor options to choose from. The best part is they hand deliver the snacks to our office and have been able to deliver to us without problem with any last minute requests we may have. The snacks have become very popular within our company and we started getting requests to where we are getting our snacks from. We have gladly passed on SnackItToMe!’s information so that we can spread the healthy snack love around!”


“Our office was looking for a service to provide our employees with healthy snacks and we were thrilled to find SnackItToMe! We can’t compliment their service enough…very professional, easy to work with and tons of different healthy snack options.”