Remember that old office water cooler that people used to meet at to chat? Most offices now have a new "watering hole"--a snack table. It's the new place for you and your co-workers to talk, bond, bounce ideas off of each other, and of course, eat and drink. It’s important to realize how crucial this is to encouraging camaraderie and cohesiveness in the  workplace. By having an exciting and full snack table, it will draw in employees from all corners of the office--in turn, creating a bonding center in the office.


This will give your different teams face time with each other. We know how easy it is to get caught up in your typical circles and groups, but by providing your office with a space that encourages face time between your different departments, you're sure to see an increase in inclusiveness throughout the company. When face time between workers is improved, it helps to encourage collaboration. When you know who you’re working with and have a relationship with them, ideas can be bounced off of each other, helping the entire office and individual departments to be more well-rounded.

A little break for can be very beneficial to productivity. Sometimes a small snack and chat is all that you need to get the creative juices flowing.

Let SnackItToMe! help you bring this collaboration into your workplace! Providing healthy snacks at your snack table will not only improve the health and productivity of your coworkers, but will increase the overall morale and energy in your working environment.