October is an excellent month in Chicago because EVERY sport is playing! Post-season for the Cubbies, “Hawkey” season is getting into the swing of things, you can Bear-Down on Sundays, catch a Bulls game, or watch a Chicago Fire game. All these opportunities are an excuse to have a game day party, gathering, or tailgate. Trying to eat healthy doesn’t mean you have to skimp out on delicious foods or even miss out on the drinking. Being conscious of what you’re putting into your body helps you in the long run. Here are some ideas to help you stick to a healthy lifestyle while still having some fun.


Don’t skip breakfast! When you go straight to drinking or the tailgate without eating beforehand, you’re bound to lose track of everything you’re eating or drinking. The first thing you see is going to go straight from the table to your mouth. This can cause you to overeat or make poor choices. If you have the mindset that if you miss breakfast or a meal, you can eat more later or snack all day, it can catch up to you.


Sub high-calorie alcohol for lower calorie options. Vodka sodas are only around 60 calories a piece if you need some flavor add a fresh lemon or lime for an extra kick. Moscow Mules can be a great option if you leave out the simple syrup without the syrup they only come in at about 80 calories. Light Beers. Go with a lower calorie beer such as Miller 64, Miller Lite, Budweiser Select, and Corona Light. All of these beers are under 100 calories a piece, versus high-calorie options such as Samuel Adams, Heineken, and IPA’s and craft beers to name a few which are anywhere from 166 calories to 180 calories a piece. By subbing out high-calorie options for lower calorie options, you can have two or three drinks for the same calories as one.


Go for healthier grill options. Grill up chicken and vegetable skewers instead of burgers or brats on buns. If you do decide to go for a burger, go with a leaner meat that’s 80% or 90% lean and 20% or 10% fat for a still flavorful burger but with lower calories. If you’re feeling a brat sub out pork brats for a turkey brat to get your fix. Pork brats have around 240 calories per brat without a bun versus 160 calories for a turkey option. Throw on some sauerkraut and mustard to add an extra kick to your brats without all the calories.

Sub out greasy chips and unhealthy sides. Substitute Lays potato chips for an avocado oil kettle chip, sweet potato chip, or a popcorn. Go for a blue corn tortilla chip and salsa instead of a dense cheese filled dip. For those buffalo chicken dip needs, go for a low-calorie cream cheese instead of full fat, or make buffalo chicken bites which still gives you that taste without all the calories and overload of cheese.

Get ready to have a healthy and fun October in Chicago! Be conscious of what you’re putting into your body because it will pay off in the end. This doesn’t mean you can’t drink, eat, or have fun because you can!


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