We all know that working in a 9-5 office can get monotonous, but there are ways to change it up and keep it fresh! Here are a couple of our favorite ideas to improve your office culture! 


Take a “field trip”! Remember being a kid and how exciting it was to have a change of pace from being inside the classroom all day? Things like volunteering, going to a museum, having a company picnic, or having a rooftop get together are some things that can help to change up the pace! It can also allow for coworkers to mingle together and get to know each other on a closer level.

Create challenges in the workplace! Whether it be a pumpkin carving contest in the fall, best-dressed employee of the week, or having a cook off or bake off are a great way to not only improve office culture but bring some friendly competition amongst team members.


Break Room Game Day! Board games such as Connect4, Monopoly, Scrabble, or Checkers can help to provide a little break in the workday. It can also serve as a way to bond. You could also have each employee bring in their favorite game from childhood and use this as a “team building day.” Provide snacks and make it a “Flashback Friday” all in one!

Ugly sweater day! We all know during the holiday season, ugly sweaters come out from the closets. So why not have an ugly sweater contest and photo shoot in the office? Whether it’s your cheesiest Valentine’s Day sweater or your ugliest Holiday getup, it’s sure to bring humor and bonding into your office!