When you’re busy working throughout the day, you don’t put much thought into what you’re putting into your body, only that you are fueling it.

How do you think this affects you and your office? Think back to one of your most productive days at work. What did you have to eat? Was it healthier than usual or was it junk food? 

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Food impacts you not only physically but mentally as well. It has a direct connection to your cognitive performance, which can affect the rest of the work day. 

So why does this happen you ask? Some foods such as processed carbohydrates (think pasta, bread, etc.) get burned very quickly which can then lead to a slump caused by a drop in blood sugar. Whereas meals high in fats, like a big cheeseburger, give us sustained energy for longer. This makes our digestive system work even harder, which can take its toll on your brain, making you groggy. This may be happening subconsciously, but once you realize the correlation, you will never forget it. 

So how can you change this and improve your work productivity? 

1. Think ahead! By planning your snacks out ahead of time before you get hungry, you have less of a possibility of falling off track. This can be achieved by having healthy snacks at the ready stocked in your office! 

2. Eat consistently throughout the day! Instead of eating a couple of large meals a day, eating smaller portions throughout the day helps your glucose levels from dropping and spiking every time you eat or don’t eat. 

3. Snack healthier! This is where SnackItToMe! comes in. By snacking on healthier options throughout the day rather than your typical junky, processed foods, it helps your mind remain clear and focused throughout the work day.

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