With healthy living becoming more relevant outside of the workplace there’s no wonder that it’s becoming more prevalent in the workplace too! Wellness Wednesdays can be a critical improvement to work culture in the office. Some workplaces bring in yoga for Wellness Wednesday, replace standard meetings with walking ones, and others bring in healthy snacks!

Bringing in healthy snacks for the team over your typical junk foods is a giant step in the right direction. SnackItToMe! has you covered! Whether it be for a Wellness Wednesday, a client meeting, or a recurring delivery we can configure a customized, healthy snack plan to your office.

We aren’t talking about kale chips and wheatgrass shots--our options include jerky, popcorn, fruit bars, granola bars, nuts, sweet potato chips, protein bars, and much more! All items are dietitian approved and can meet the standards for most diets (making your job easier!) including gluten-free, nut-free, sugar-free, vegan, paleo and keto. By incorporating these snacks in your office's kitchen, you're sure to see an improvement to the overall environment and team morale which can even carry over to improvements in productivity!

So are you ready to give junk food the silent treatment? Shoot us an email to get an order started!