Looking to bring some festivity into your office on St. Paddy’s Day? Spread the cheer with some green snacks:

1. Edamame – a savory munch packed with protein to curb the afternoon slump

2. Pistachios – another satisfying, nutty crunch to round out your day

3. Evo Hemp Apple Pecan bars – these bars use raw nutrition to enhance the bioavailability of nutrients

4. Kale Super Bites – get your nutrient quotient in early in the day before you go out for that green beer and corned beef…

5. Thunderbird Pecan Gogi and Pistachio bars – these bars are made with all natural fruit, nuts and no added sugar


6. Spicy Pumpkin Seeds – ok so, not exactly green, but might be green-tinted if you squint. More important – they are delicious and filling

Eden Pumpkin.jpg

Interested in any of these snacks? SnackItToMe provides healthy snacks to offices to keep workers happy and healthy. Because life should be tasty!