Thanksgiving is behind us but Holiday season is still in full swing. December is full of reasons to overindulge and “treat yo self” but balancing that out with healthy solutions and staying on track is crucial. Here are three tips on how to do so!


Relax. The holidays are for one thing, and that’s family! Today as a society we have lost sight of this. By not stressing over the little details and taking a moment to step back from the situation and realize that if your apple pie isn’t perfect, it’s not the end of the world. Plus, with the few days off from work that you’ll rejuvenate with a spa day, spend a day on the couch and do absolutely nothing, or go out to dinner. Taking a day to recharge is very important. It’s often overlooked during the holiday season and in day to day life.



Stay Hydrated! We all know that holidays bring the hustle and bustle.  Going to and from families houses, shopping, cooking, baking, and drinking can all be exhausting. Staying hydrated is especially important when you’re this busy. Drinking water throughout the day is sure to keep you hydrated. If you plan on drinking, drink extra water during the day before you drink or switch off between one alcoholic drink and one glass of water.



Portion Control. Holidays are the perfect time to overeat. A way to stay on track is to limit yourself to only having one plate, with whatever you want on it. That way you don’t feel like you’re deprived but you’re eating what you want to be. Limiting yourself to only one plate gets rid of the option to gorge without the deprivation that may happen if you try to limit yourself too much.



It is the holidays, and you can “treat yo self” but within reason!